e-Liquid Flavors



Blizzard – sweet peppermint, perfect for menthol lovers

Blue Razz – blueberry and raspberry blend
Fuzzy – a wonderful peach explosion

Mountain Vapor

Flue Cured – a North Carolina original
Strong Menthol – menthol pleasure
Sweet Leaf – realistic tobacco deliciousness
Roadhouse – a nice hardy tobacco

Mountain Bean – coffee with caffeine

Green Apple – crisp and juicy
Lemon Drop – sugar coated sour

Apple Pie – crisp apples coated with cinnamon and sugar and baked in a flaky crust
Cinnayum – fresh baked cinnamon buns
Pecan Roll – sticky pinwheels of warm dough and candied pecans

Halcyon Vapors

Apach’i – unique blend of natural peaches and apricots topped with Halcyon’s signature lychee
Cran Ch’I – light yet flavor rich cranberry entangled with lychee like accents
Dragon Ch’i – exotic blen of dragon fruit, pomegranate, married with a lychee exhale
Grape Gatsby – grape with refreshing and smooth mint with lychee
Tango Down – tangerine and raspberry got together and formed a plot to take over the world. Grape as their side-kick makes this flavor dream team unstoppable

Roar Vapor

JY4 – sweet caramel and vanilla tobacco

Creamy Chai – black tea with a mixture of aromatic spices and herbs blended with cream
Hawaii Wai – pina colada
Lazarus – cherry punch

Amnesia – strawberry, watermelon and dragonfruit
AuROARa – kiwi pineapple
Berry Bliss – a blend of all your favorite berries
Black Cherry Oh’ Yeah – cherry with a twist
Black Magic – grape, blackberry, and other mixed fruits
Dangerously Good – fruit striped gum (baseball cards not included)
Dawn of Truth – banana and coconut
Honey Glazed Melon – cantaloupe and honeydew drizzled with honey
Lime n’ da Coconut – bright lime and creamy coconut
Strapple – strawberry apple

Hazelnut Cookie – perfect balance of rich cookie dough with chunks of hazelnut
Roar Vanilla – simple and straightforward sweet vanilla

Steam Junk

Kickin’ Cola – a cola experience like no other
Summer Bliss – refreshing tea with light fruit notes

Dragon’s Breath – light fruit with a lemon lime twist
Gargoyle – strawberry, blueberry, and a swirl of cream
Ghostberry – raspberry and blueberry


Athena – the sweetness of a red apple and the tartness of a green apple
Poseidon – pulls together delicate hints of fruits and melons

Artemis – subtle berry hints mingled with the baked crust traditional to cobblers
Colossus – intensely decadent vanilla custard

Suicide Bunny

Derailed – snickerdoodle cookie base with a sweet, cinnamon and banana exhale
Mother’s Milk – Suicide Bunny’s signature juice, creamy custard with a strawberry exhale
Sucker Punch – cream base with mixed fruits peeking out from behind every nook and cranny
The O.B. – mouthwatering sweet cream with a hint of cake

Turbo Vapors

Blueberry Coconut – ripe blueberries with a sweet coconut finish
Blue Watermelon – ripe blueberries with crisp refreshing watermelons
Chamberry – champagne and strawberries
Pomemelon – sweet pomegranates and crisp watermelon
Strawberry – freshly picked strawberries all year round